Edge Sculpture Baby Orangutan




The Edge Sculpture Baby Orangutan by Matt Buckley.  Still the number one most popular piece, and guaranteed to make anyone who seems him smile, he sits happily on his own, or sitting in the arms of his mother, see the attached image for an example.  This is the most delightful piece launched by Edge Sculpture, his doleful eyes belies the mischief which awaits, who hasn’t found themselves watching hours of baby orangutans getting up to mischief!   97% of their DNA matches ours, intelligent, full of fun and good humour, this sculpture embodies all of that, and just looking at him is guaranteed to bring you joy, if you are looking for a special gift for someone, this is a guaranteed success.


Height – 20cm, Length – 14cm, Depth – 10cm.

Weight – approx 2kg

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