Memory Gel 500


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The 500 is the upgraded version of the Memory Gel 200. We added a thicker layer of our supple Mlily Cooling Gel Memory Foam and combined it with an extra-supportive layer of our firm Flex Support Foam. Two layers, one result: a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep with Mlily.

Flex Support FoamCool Comfort Gel
Memory Foam        Removable Cover

1. Mlily Quilted Gel-Memory Foam. Our sleep scientists crafted a layer of specially quilted Comfort Memory Foam infused with our Mlily Cooling Gel for an adaptive, more refreshing feel. 2 cm

2. Mlily Gel-Memory FoamWe’ve added a second layer of our Gel-Memory Foam for increased comfort and pressure relief. 3 cm

3. Flex Support Foam. We’ve added a bottom layer of our Flex Support Foam to provide you with that extra level of support you need to sleep more completely. 15 cm

Available Sizes Width Length
Single = £239 90cm 190cm
Twin = £315 120cm 190cm
Double = £349 135cm 190cm
King = £409 150cm 200cm

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Single, Twin, Double, King

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